The MFKK Invention and Research Center Ltd is a research organisation made up of engineers from Budapest University of Technology Faculty of Electrical Engineering.

According to the researchers, there is a lack of fast and systematic instruments and procedures for the inspection of the inner structure of parts with several techniques for the inspection of P/M part such as Eddy current testing, computer tomography or X-Ray imaging, having deficiencies that make them unavailable for a complete and reliable flaw detection and density defect recognition. They suggest that the only reliable method currently available for determining the local porosity of P/M parts is destructive optical microscopy where after sintering a sample part is cut and examined on the cut surface with a microscope for deficiencies in the inner structure.

The system, called SINTEST, makes it possible to inspect P/M sintered parts online, using pulse echo ultrasonic technology, which makes it possible to provide a global density map of sintered parts. The ultrasound technology is now being tested in situ and has already been enabled in compact form next to production lines in order to provide a quasi on-line volumetric examination system.