YSM says that it selected USMP because it has marketed and provided technical support for more than 15 years for a Japanese producer of similar powders.

USMP was founded in 1918 and was formerly United States Bronze Powders, Inc. In 2010 USMP sold its copper based powder business to focus on the growing global demand for specialised aluminium powders as well as the carbonyl iron and stainless steel metal powders provided by YSM. These are suitable for industries such as metal injection moulding (MIM) and renewable energy.

YSM was founded in 2001 initially as a producer of carbonyl iron powders (CIP) and during the past eight years has become one of the major global producers of the powder. The company has also expanded its product range to include a series of stainless steel and high alloy metal powders for use in both MIM and conventional Powder Metallurgy (PM) applications.