The NDT-RAM acoustic system.
The NDT-RAM acoustic system.

The system is especially designed for medical parts, surgical screws, and artificial bones.

The NDT-RAM works by applying a simple impact to a part and measuring its response using a precision PCB Group microphone at a rate of around one part per second.
According to the company, unlike traditional visual inspections, which are inefficient, time-consuming and unreliable, the NDT-RAM method can detect both internal and external flaws, reducing liability and preventing the need for containment and re-sort of large quantities of product.
“In an industry with patient safety-critical parts, often needing a 100% inspection, the NDT-RAMTM system can significantly reduce the need for subjective visual inspectors, thus reducing the inevitable human error of missed flaws, as well as reducing cost for inspection,” said Gail Stultz, NDT product manager.
By testing the natural resonant frequencies of each piece against a set of known quality conforming pieces, structural flaws are found to the ASTM E2001-08 standard.