By Sawanta Mali.
By Sawanta Mali.

Thank you for your entry- good luck!

Nano Today invites you once again to submit your best image, related to nano materials and devices, to be considered for publication on the cover of one of six 2018 issues.

How to enter

To enter our cover competition, please submit your previously unpublished, nano-related image by Thursday, 14 December 2017. We encourage you to be creative and imaginative, but images should be inspired by topics published in the journal, which are as follows:

• Synthesis and Self-Assembly of Nanostructured Materials and Films

• Processing and Templating of Nanotubes and Nanoporous Materials

• Tailoring of Polymeric Nanoparticles, Organic-Inorganic Nanocomposites and Biohybrids

• Fabrication of Nano and Micro Electro Mechanical Systems

• Design and Engineering of Structural and Functional Nanomaterials

• Nanosystems for Biological, Medical, Chemical, Catalytic, Energy and Environmental Applications

• Nanodevices for Electronic, Photonic, Magnetic, Imaging, Diagnostic and Sensor Applications


Terms and conditions for this competition are available here.