Following one of my earlier blogs on the need for more funding in the sciences, a prominent scientist Professor C. N. R. Rao has commented recently to the press that government should ensure targeted funding to promote nanoscience and nanotechnology in solving societal problems and improving the quality of life.

Professor Rao went on to say, "Nano science has a lot to offer. As the science of the future, it has the potential to develop a number of applications for the benefit of masses in diverse areas such as water, food, shelter, healthcare and energy to name a few".

A recent advancement in nanotechnology proves just how important the science is as a future science. A group of researchers have reported on an efficient and reproducible way of bonding together gels and biological tissues. For many years scientists have failed to create strong bonds between two gels, until now. By spreading on the surface of the two tissues or gels you wish to bond, a solution containing nanoparticles scientists are now able to form very strong adhesion.

The finding will open up many new applications and areas of research, which will help to improve lives as well as society, the application will find particular use in medical, and veterinary fields, particularly in areas of regenerative medicine and tissue engineering.

Professor Rao and others have all identified the importance of continued funding in science and in this particular case nanotechnology as the opportunities to help society across the world can only increase with time and effort.