The organizing committee is pleased to announce The 2nd International conference on Advances in Mechanical Engineering and Nanotechnology (ICAMEN) 2020 from Febraury 28-29, 2020 to be held in Pink City Jaipur, India, a city which is a UNESCO world heritage city. ICAMEN 2020 is being jointly organized by Department of Mechanical Engineering, Manipal University Jaipur and Research and Consultancy Section, National Institute of Technology, Uttarakhand. Supporting and publication partner is Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Universiti Malaysia Pahang, Malaysia.

ICAMEN 2020 is a two days’ event aims to showcase state-of-the-art methodologies and technologies in Mechanical Engineering and Nanotechnology. It focuses new ideas and paves way to disseminate latest innovations and practices. It facilitates opportunities to network, collaborate and exchange ideas with renowned leaders, scientists and researchers in Mechanical Engineering and Nanotechnology. It acts as crucial platform for industry and academia to foster innovative ideas, theories, frameworks and applications. ICAMEN 2020 will encourage on recent and futuristic advancements, challenges and new strategies in frontiers of echanical Engineering and Nanotechnology.

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