In the 21stcentury, nanotechnology plays the pivotal role in almost all applications starting from medicines to food and energy. Development of nanostructured materials of different size, shape and dimension can greatly serve our desired applications. Nanomaterials play an important role for production of sustainable energy, making our living environment cleaner and also decrease carbon footprint through various processes. Nanomaterials also play vital role in bio-medical engineering applications such as targeted drug delivery and fabrication of biological gadgets. The development of functionalized nano materials for heterogeneous catalysis is a promising topic in current research area. The demand for clean and renewable energy and environmental abatement urge the development of novel hybrid functional nanomaterials. Photocatalysis is one of the green techniques by which nanomaterials can convert solar energy into clean hydrogen energy by splitting water, help in sequestration of CO2 in to fuel, decomposition harmful organic and inorganic pollutants and also process the catalysis of C1 chemistry.

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