Nanomaterials news, June 2022

By removing contaminants, researchers have managed to get boron nitride nanotubes to assemble themselves into liquid crystals.

Magnetic result for coated gold nanorods

Using iron oxide nanoparticles, researchers have been able to control the orientation, and thus optical properties, of gold nanorods with a magnetic field.

well-ordered novel carbon nanostructures such as nanowalls can be grown by electrodeposition from molten salts

Using a kind of puzzle-solving process, researchers have pieced together a method to determine how different 2D materials respond to disorder.

Researchers have developed a way to produce identical photons, with the same wavelength and polarization, from separate quantum dots.

Researchers have used a novel spectroscopy technique to map the dynamic behavior of phonons in quantum dots at atomic scale.

A membrane produced by embedding a metal-organic framework into a polymer can remove hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide from natural gas.

Scientists have developed efficient photocatalysts for splitting water made from inorganic atomic clusters on titanium oxide supports.

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Using algae as a building material.