Nanomaterials news, July 2022

Researchers have shown that depositing a layer of buckyballs onto a gold surface does not turn it into an artificial version of graphene.

Researchers have developed a method for synthesizing 2D materials known as heterolayer coordination nanosheets between two liquids.

one-step chemical vapor deposition synthesis produces regular arrays of single-crystal MoTe2 nanoribbons on SiO2/Si

Using biomimetic proteins, researchers have created composite layered 2D materials that are resistant to breaking and extremely stretchable.

energy-saving, green gas separation process uses boron nitride (BN) powers and ball milling

Researchers have demonstrated a new platform for guiding compressed light waves in very thin van der Waals crystals.

Understanding how nanoparticles protect stone

Researchers have shown that their flash Joule heating method for producing graphene can also be used to produce boron nitride.

Using characterization techniques, researchers have investigated the crystallization process that allows nanoparticles to protect historic buildings.

Researchers have fabricated a nanowire that is 2.6nm long and shows an unusual increase in conductance as the wire gets longer.

A light-powered catalyst made from gallium nitride nanowires covered in nanoparticles can transform carbon dioxide into synthesis gas.

For the first time, researchers have observed electrons flowing as vortices, or whirlpools, in a two-dimensional material.

Researchers have shown that magnetic iron oxide nanoparticles can be used to clean teeth, acting as as a toothbrush, rinse and dental floss.

Researchers have discovered that adding nanostructures to the micro-partices that make up electrodes could lead to better batteries.

A new open-access paper examines some of the latest advances in wearable electronic devices being developed using electrospinning.

For the first time, researchers have measured the migration of carbon atoms over the surface of the two-dimensional material graphene.

novel, two-dimensional, single-crystalline ‘holey’ graphyne synthesized in a bottom-up approach

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