Nanomaterials news, December 2022

By forming needles on the surface of galvanized steel, researchers have come up with a cheap and simple way to bond polymers to it.

New ab-initio simulation unveils ways to reduce friction and wear

metasurface that controls three different optical responses – phase, amplitude, and luminescence – is ideal for optical anti-counterfeiting tags

Synthetic vascular grafts improved by seaweed molecule

Researchers have discovered the first known de novo protein that can catalyze the synthesis of cadmium sulfide quantum dots.

Using a 2D material, researchers created a new type of energy-efficient active pixel sensor that can produce ultra-sharp cellphone photos.

Researchers have developed a scalable fabrication technique for producing ultrathin, lightweight solar cells that can be stuck onto any surface.

Dissoiving various metals in a liquid gallium solvent causes them to self-assemble into differently shaped crystals, including a tiny zinc snowflake.

Researchers have synthesized ‘giant’ core-shell quantum dots with record-breaking emissive lifetimes.

Researchers have shown that cationic nanomaterials can target specific areas of fat and inhibit the unhealthy storage of enlarged fat cells.

Using two different approaches, researchers have developed novel electrocatalysts for producing hydrogen that don't contain precious metals.

Researchers have discovered why charged ions can pass through certain 2D materials without leaving holes.

Researchers have created a nanomaterial catalyst that needs only the power of light to convert ammonia into clean-burning hydrogen fuel.

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