Special Issue - Wearables

The proliferation and availability of "wearable" technology has brought human-technology interactions to a conceptually different level. Like any technology, proliferation means discovery of both intended and unintended consequences.

In terms of intended consequences, the claims made in development can be tested in broader society - are wearables leading to the expected benefits in the mass market, or did something weird happen? For example, wearables may actually enhance human performance beyond initial expectations.

In terms of unintended consequences, wearables could lead to both unexpected benefits (e.g. improving spiritual health) and unexpected problems (e.g. diminishing social health). For example, wearables might exacerbate the correlation between socio-economic status and physical health, or lead increase the problems associated with the growing "surveillance culture".

Elsevier's Performance Enhancement and Health is keen to receive papers on the interaction of "wearables" as a performance enhancing technology with human physical, mental, social and spiritual health. These papers can be conceptual (e.g. the ethics of wearable technology) or empirical in nature (e.g. evidence on the effect of wearables on performance).

Please contact the Editor, Dr Jason Mazanov ( j.mazanov@adfa.edu.au) with your ideas.

The submission deadline for the special issue is 30 June 2016.