New Nano OA Book Launch: Big Data Analysis of Nanoscience Bibliometrics, Patent, and Funding Data (2000-2019)

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Nanoscience has evolved and grown rapidly in impact across several disciplines and sectors over the past two decades. This book investigates the development of nanoscience research by presenting an evaluation of nanotechnologies outputs (academic outputs and patents) and their impact from 2000-2019. The evaluation uses Elsevier’s Scopus (the largest abstract and citation database of peer-reviewed literature), SciVal (a scientific research analysis platform), Funding Institutional (a funding database), and PatentSight (a patent analysis platform). The book discusses four key topics regarding nanoscience research, including: 1) an overview of nano-related scholarly output, 2) nanoscience and its contribution to basic science, 3) nanoscience and its impact on and collaboration with industry partners, and lastly 4) key factors that promote the development of nanoscience.

Key Features

  • In-depth and comprehensive analytical analysis of the progress of nanoscience
  • Highlights the fundamental role of nanoscience in technology and everyday quality of life
  • Provides an overall explanation of the current status and future development of nanoscience from a macro perspective
  • Reviews the development of nano research over the past 20 years, revealing the impact of nanoscience on other research fields and clarifying the development of nano research from basic research to industry applications
  • Summarizes key countries’ nano research development strategy based on funding analysis and research focus analysis and anticipates upcoming frontier research in the nano field

Please find the new release on ScienceDirect here: Big Data Analysis of Nanoscience Bibliometrics, Patent, and Funding Data (2000-2019) | ScienceDirect