Next generation materials research is highly dependent on the development and application of innovative nanomechanical testing techniques. This webinar will cover the background and future of advanced in-situ nanomechanical characterization techniques that are becoming increasingly pertinent to research institutions and industries around the world.

These quantitative in-situ testing techniques serve as a cornerstone to an exceptionally wide array of research fields and quality control applications. Complex applications will be discussed in the areas of:

  • Ultra-thin films used in the data storage, optical and photovoltaic/semiconductor industries 
  • Nanostructures such as nano- pillars/rods/particles and nanophase materials 
  • MEMS device characterization assessing mechanical, electrical, and actuation properties 
  • Soft Materials such as polymers, hydrogels, and biological materials

Who should attend:
Academic and industrial researchers involved with the development and characterization of nanoscale materials and devices.

At Materials Today our objective is to progress the understanding of advanced technologies and processes relevant to the materials research community. Working with leading suppliers and experts in their field, we use the webinar format to generate and promote educational forums to achieve this objective.