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Materials news, October 2020

By analyzing thin films of manganese-doped iron oxide, researchers have been able to update the model used to describe conduction in ceramics.

Researchers have grown twisting spirals by depositing sheets of 2D material on a substrate that was curved slightly by slipping a nanoparticle underneath.

The date for Asiamold 2021 is now 3–5 March 2021 in Guangzhou, China, its organizers report.

NASA reports that its Perseverance rover, scheduled to land on Mars on 18 February 2021, features 11 3D printed metal parts.

Inspired by snake vision, researchers have developed a mathematical model that reveals how to convert soft structures into pyroelectric materials.

Researchers have trained a neural network to understand which polymer properties arise from different molecular sequences.

The organizers of hardmetals trade fair ceramitec have decided to postpone the 2021 show until 21–24 June 2022.

SINTX Technologies has developed a method of embedding silicon nitride particles into nonwoven and woven fabric fibers.

Plastic research center AIMPLAS says that it ended 2019 with €13.3million in revenue, a 14% in-crease over 2018.

Researchers have shown that hydrogen peroxide can act as a 'magic' chemical for producing 2D materials with sharp, defined edges.

Using a magnetic liquid and hydrogels, researchers have demonstrated a new way to rebuild complex body tissues such as cartilage.

Lanxess has developed three new halogen-free, flame-retardant materials in its range of Tepex continuous-fiber-reinforced thermoplastic composites.

Kordsa reports that it has been awarded a Gold rating for sustainability by Ecovadis, a company which makes business sustainability ratings.

Höganäs has secured its first commercial order for a Cleanit EC pilot test installation for a wastewater treatment project near Shanghai.

ASTM's nonferrous metals and alloys committee (B02) has presented an award to Sandvik Materials Technology's Keith M Hottle.

By placing tiny aggregates of cells inside yield-stress gels, researchers have shown they can print biological tissue in complex 3D shapes.

Researchers have developed an electrochemically assisted membrane whose permeability to gases such as carbon dioxide can be switched on and off at will.

Asset management group Aurelius Equity Opportunities has agreed to acquire GKN Wheels & Structures from GKN.

Wabtec Corporation, which makes rail equipment, has joined an AM production campus at Pittsburgh’s International Airport Innovation Campus.

BASF SE has appointed Liming Chen, chairman of the IBM Greater China Group, to its supervisory board.

Hexion reportedly plant to increase the prices of its Cardura glycidyl ester, VeoVa monomers and Versatic acids.

Researchers have discovered that antimony impurities enhance the efficiency of thermoelectric materials by introducing crystal distortions.

Dissipating heat in electronic devices with graphite films

Covestro reports that its Q3 2020 EBITDA is €456 million, above market expectation.

GE Additive says that Sandvik Additive Manufacturing has become a strategic partner in its binder jet project.

Sandvik plans to distribute SMT to Sandvik’s shareholders and list the company’s shares on the Nasdaq Stockholm Exchange.

Hexion Inc will sell its phenolic specialty resin, Hexamine and European-based Forest Products resins businesses.

Thermochemical energy storage for renewable energy

A novel current collector for lithium-ion batteries, comprising a copper-coated polymer, weighs 80% less and can also help prevent battery fires.

Jaguar Racing and GKN Automotive have renewed their partnership to develop a new all-electric Formula E racecar.

Boeing predicts that the commercial aviation and services markets will face significant challenges due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Exel Composites has appointed Jens Hanusch as its head of sales for the north, east and central Europe regions.

polymer scaffolds embedded with magnetic nanoparticles trigger stem cell differentiation and tendon regeneration

New solar cell design improves their ability to absorb light

By adding a zeolite and tweaking the design, researchers have boosted the output of a system that can extract drinkable water directly from the air.

Bacterial biofilms can mechanically disrupt tissue means they could damage their host without using toxins

GKN Aerospace has signed a contract with Raytheon Technologies to supply Mk30 missile canisters for the Raytheon Evolved SeaSparrow Missile.

America Makes has nominated its 2020 ambassadors.

The NCDMM has received more than US$9 million from the AFRL to support the Massive Area Additive Manufacturing (MAAM) Program.

Gurit has reported net sales of CHF434.8 million for the first nine months of 2020, an increase of 4.1% compared to the previous year.

A new type of topological insulator can efficiently propagate an exotic form of quasiparticle known as an exciton-polariton at warmer temperatures.

For the first time, researchers have produced superconductivity at room temperature by compressing a hydrogen-rich material at extremely high pressures.

The US Department of Defense has contracted Desktop Metal to develop a high-volume manufacturing process to mass product cobalt-free hardmetal parts.

The Digital Manufacturing Centre (DMC) has acquired two Renishaw RenAM 500Q 3D printing machines.

TFP reports that its Tecnofire fire protection material has passed key elements of the EN45545-2 rail standard with a HL2 R1 rating.

AOC has announced a price increase of US$.05 for products sold in the USA, Canada, Mexico and Latin America.

Thermoplastic honeycomb core manufacturer, EconCore, is taking part in a project to build a car made entirely out of recycled materials.

Roth Composite Machinery has installed a prepreg production line at a facility owned by composites company Krempel GmbH.

Researchers have developed a new magnetic material that, together with a special process to access it, can offer greater data storage densities than ever.

Equispheres has published an online whitepaper focusing on the importance of feedstock powder properties in additive manufacturing (AM).

Solvay says that it plans to reduce emissions in the value chains connected to the company’s activities.

AOC reports that it has completed its acquisition of Ashland Global Holdings’ maleic anhydride business and manufacturing facility in Neal, West Virginia.

GOM has developed GOM Volume Inspect volume visualization and inspection software.

By positioning a metallic probe over a defect in a 2D semiconductor, researchers were able to electrically trigger emission of a single photon.

A novel deposition method that utilizes liquid gallium is able to produce very large-scale 2D molybdenum disulphide without any grain boundaries.

Ensinger says that it has commissioned a new facility for the production of thermoplastic prepregs in Cham, Bavaria.

GKN Aerospace reports that it is leading a UK project focused on trialling digital technologies in the manufacturing environment.

Engineers have developed a method for spraying nanowires made of a plant-based material called methylcellulose onto 3D objects.

A new method for testing fatigue in metals at a microscopic scale can predict when early, localized damage will evolve into cracks.

Solvay reports that it has installed solar panels at its Brussels headquarters as part of its One Planet green initiative.

GKN Automotive has partnered with Tata Technologies to set up an e-mobility software engineering center in India.

Twisted stacks of bilayer graphene can exhibit highly correlated electron properties, which likely relates to the emergence of exotic magnetic states.

By utilizing a soap-like film, researchers have managed to print organic semiconductor films on a special surface that is highly solution-repellent.

Researchers have discovered a variety of exotic electronic states, including a rare form of magnetism, in a twisted three-layer graphene structure.

Solvay has been awarded a new five-year contract to supply material for Lockheed Martin’s F-35 aircraft.

Applying strain to tiny needles of diamond can transform their electronic properties from insulating, through semiconducting, to highly conductive.

Multilayered solar panels with pristine interfaces have the potential to be 1.5 times more efficient than traditional silicon panels.

Composites UK has released the shortlist for its 2020 composites industry awards.

Innovate UK says that it has restarted the UK-wide composites industry market survey it had paused in April due to the Covid-19 lockdown.

Sigmatex says that it has accelerated its plans to ‘consolidate its operational footprint’ in the US.

The AMRC has submitted a £75 million bid to speed up the decarbonization of the UK’s Humber region.

Brunel University has revealed details of its 2020 Design Doctoral Symposium and additive manufacturing open day.

Metrology company GOM UK plans to run a series of webinars covering different areas of optical metrology within the metal forming industry.

Sandvik has signed an agreement to sell its Exploration business to Drillman, a subsidiary of the Australia-based M Group of companies.

Using a simple vapor treatment, researchers have transformed a photoinactive material in perovskite solar cells into a photosensitive version.

Using experiments and simulations, researchers have identified the configurations of dislocations that give rise to desirable properties in a model alloy.

AMETEK, which makes non-contact temperature monitors, has added two new modes for forging and forming applications to its aluminum applications pyrometer.

NeoGraf Solutions, which makes graphite sheets and powders, has appointed Drew Walker as its new president.

The British Plastics Federation (BPF) reports that the UK 2020 Polymer Apprentice of the Year Award is open for entries.

Researchers used 3D printing to produce microscopic electronic fibers made from silver and semiconducting polymers for use as novel sensors.

Researchers have developed electronic blood vessels that are flexible and biodegradable by simply rolling up metal-polymer conductor membranes.

The MPIF has set the date for two webinars in November 2020 and January 2021.

Safran and Saertex have reportedly signed a 10-year contract to make carbon fiber aircraft equipment.

UK-based Rockwood Composites says that the company has grown by 50% over the last year, despite economic turbulence.

light-activated bioadhesive bonds tissue together in wet or dry conditions

By using chelating ligands to incorporate metal ions into elastomers, researchers have created novel materials for repairing biological tissue.

Umicore says that it plans to move its cobalt refining activities to its Kokkola refinery in Finland.

Wall Colmonoy has launched a new range of wear plates for the petrochemical industry.

The natural world is proving a useful resource for building biocompatible and environmentally friendly bio-based devices

BASF says that its new reinforced polyamide grades are suitable for use in car interiors.

A novel machine-learning algorithm has rapidly rediscovered rules governing catalysts that took humans years of difficult calculations to reveal.

A new computer model can simulate the networks of force-carrying particles that give amorphous materials such as glass their strength.

Composites cutting specialist Bindatex says that it has received a 40% increase in sales in its annual results.

BASF says that it is promoting its Ultradur and Ultramid flame resistance materials at this year’s Fakuma, taking place online.

Italian plastics and rubber trade association Amaplast has celebrated its sixtieth anniversary.

The IEEE has issues a call for papers for its symposium on additive manufacturing (AM) technology and applications.

Sandvik has completed its acquisition of Allied Construction Products, a US distributor of hydraulic hammers for the construction and mining industries.

According to Siemens, Eva Riesenhuber has been appointed its new head of investor relations.

Gurit says that its existing three-year contract with a major wind turbine manufacturer has been extended for another three years.

Jacket required for wearable power

The building blocks of smart industry

Electrically controlled micro wrinkles

By controlling the printing temperature of liquid crystal elastomer, researchers have induced varying levels of stiffness in a single structure.

Toray says that it has opened a distribution center in the US for its range of Toray AmberTool HX56 composite tooling prepregs.

The organisers of the International Conference on Natural Fibers (ICNF) have issued a call for papers.

The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) has launched an apprentice support program.

For the first time, researchers have devised a process for the self-assembly of colloids in a diamond formation, which could be used for filtering light.

By stitching together short segments of graphene nanoribbons, researchers have created a conducting metal wire made entirely of carbon.

Researchers at Penn State University have received almost US$547,000 from the NSF to reduce the cost of additive manufacturing (AM) of complex metal parts.

ASM International has launched a customizable online database of inorganic materials.

3D printing of composite parts makes counterfeiting easier

The movement of oxygen in a perovskite material covered in iron nanoparticles can switch it between highly catalytic and less catalytic states.

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