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Materials news, February 2021

Additive manufacturing (AM) company ExOne has named foundry specialist ABC Corporation as its distributor in South Korea.

ThermHex increases capital

ThermHex Waben GmbH, a subsidiary of EconCore, has reportedly increased its capital to €1 million.

Glass fiber specialist Owens Corning says that Paul E Martin from Baxter International has been elected to the company’s board of directors.

novel transparent metal oxide photovoltaic cells could turn windows into energy generators

Researchers have developed a novel electromagnetic shielding material comprising a polymer filled with quasi-one-dimensional nanowires.

The Additive Manufacturing Users Group is now accepting entries for its 3D printing technical competition.

GRP Solutions has appointed John Birch in its newly created operations director role.

Composite researchers at the AMRC are taking part in a European project to develop what it calls ‘self-responsive’ aerospace composites.

The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) have confirmed EPMA as an accredited stakeholder.

Using 3D aerosol jet-printing, scientists have produced a highly sensitive X-ray detector by printing arrays of perovskite pillars on a graphene substrate.

Bismuth vanadate electrodes that contain more bismuth on their surface generate higher amounts of electrical current from sunlight for water splitting.

Owens Corning has reported full year net sales of US$7.1 billion, a decrease of 1% compared with 2019.

Nick Smith from SHD Composites, will represent Composites UK in the BSI's committees on secondary cell and batteries and electric vehicles.

3D Systems has been selected by the US Army to use additive manufacturing (AM) to help improve heat exchanger parts.

Ceratizit has set the date for a week of online seminars covering carbide materials.

Researchers have developed a 'windowpane' with a conjugated polymer that can direct light that falls on it to solar cells at the edges of the pane.

For the first time, researchers have used advanced transmission electron microscopy techniques to see mesocrystals form in solution in real time.

Wall Colmonoy has developed a range of vacuum fused wear plates for industrial fans.

The MPIF reports that Edwin Pope, principal analyst at IHS Markit, will deliver the keynote speech at PowderMet.

Composites UK has created a new international event for the composites industry.

For the first time, researchers have produced kagome graphene and shown that it has very different properties to conventional graphene.

Molecular component improves on perovskites

The organizers of HEFAT2021 say that it will take place from 25–28 July 2021 online.

ASTM reports that all its May and June standards development meetings have been moved online.

Researchers are developing superconducting nanowire devices that could replace the Josephson junctions in superconducting electronics.

The moiré patterns produced by 2D monolayers of tungsten disulfide and tungsten diselenide can turn these conductors into insulators.

The organizers of an inaugural plastics sustainability conference have released information about speakers at the event.

Additive manufacturing (AM) specialist Renishaw has developed a titanium nozzle used to produce nanofiber for a Canadian polymer manufacturer.

Altair, which makes simulation software and the US Center for Automotive Research, have opened their 2021 Enlighten Awards for submissions.

New class of optical coating that transmit and reflects the same color simultaneously

A metal organic framework coated with a cancer cell membrane has proved effective at delivering and releasing a cancer immunotherapy drug.

DuPont has partnered with Nissan’s Formula E team to help improve electric motor performance and battery safety.

The European Powder Metallurgy Association (EPMA) has updated its Global Powder Metallurgy Property Database (GPMD).

Research materials supplier, Goodfellow, has launched a new industry podcast focusing on discussions around materials and their applications.

Solvay says that its polymers are able to chemically resist strong disinfectants used to combat Covid-19.

Researchers have found a better way to produce an exotic class of gel, by simply mixing together water, oil and nanoparticles of quartz.

Wearable sensor that can detect illegal drugs in sweat

The EPMA has added links for PM users to take part in its industry trend surveys for 2021.

Gasbarre Thermal Processing Systems has opened a 7,700 ft2 technical center in Livonia, Michigan.

Researchers have shown that a standard resin from semiconductor manufacturing can be used to integrate 2D materials with silicon semiconductors.

Using various analytical techniques, researchers have identified the specific platinum atoms that form the active site on a hydrogen-producing catalyst.

Huntsman Corporation is to acquire Gabriel Performance Products, a North American manufacturer of additives and epoxy curing agents.

The EPMA has made available online videos and pdfs to help students learn more about the steel feedstocks used in producing AM parts.

Dura Composites has appointed Gulf Industrial Supplies as its new distributor of glass fiber polymer (GRP) in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Patrik Johansson has been named vice director for the Graphene Flagship Europe.

Researchers have identified a new form of magnetism that appears at high pressures in the 2D material iron thiophosphate, also known as magnetic graphene.

Treating metal-free carbon black with oxygen plasma produces an efficient catalyst for converting oxygen into hydrogen peroxide.

Umicore says that its revenues for 2020 were €3.2 billion, a decrease of 4% compared to the previous year.

The EPMA has made available a course covering the use of nickel as feedstock for producing AM parts.

Polynt Composites says that it plans to increase the prices for its polyester resins.

EconCore has appointed Dr Olivier Rozant as its new CTO.

Quantum Information and Deep Learning for Turbulent Combustion Modeling & Simulation

For the first time, researchers have developed an optical coating that can simultaneously reflect and transmit the same wavelength, or color.

Researchers have enhanced the electronic properties of perovskite materials by incorporating specially designed organic molecules.

Hexcel Corporation has reported losses in its Q4 and full year 2020 financial results.

ExOne and Rapidia, a Canadian-based technology company have launched a new two-step metal 3D printer.

EPMA reports that its EuroHIP Sectoral Group has appointed Dr Ing Anke Kaletsch of RWTH Aachen University as its new chair.

The British Plastics Federation (BPF) has named Emily Harris as its Polymer Apprentice of the Year.

Changing the electronic structure of a tungsten diselenide crystal with light allows researchers to image features that are normally too small to see.

Scientists have produced polymers from lipoic acid, a natural molecule, that can be easily depolymerized under mild conditions.

Boston Materials says that it has begun shipping carbon fiber products made with its new 60 inch wide roll-to-roll production line.

The IHEA has set the date for a seminar about safety standards and codes, taking place online from 14–16 April 2021.

Quintus Technologies has published a new whitepaper about how to improve 3D printed titanium alloy parts through hot isostatic pressing.

Scientists have produced the first 2D silicon-germanium alloys and demonstrated an easy way to fine-tune their electronic properties.

Researchers predict that shining circularly polarized laser light on topological insulators can reveal information about their electrical properties.

By combining polymers and nanoparticles, researchers have created an injectable gel that doesn't melt when exposed to the temperature inside the body.

Rock West Composites has moved into its new headquarters in San Diego, California.

The Powder Coating Institute (PCI) has further postponed its Powder Coating Week 2021 to 13-16 July 2021.

Senvol and Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) have published a technical report about 3D printing data generation.

Researchers have observed superconductivity in a sandwich of three graphene sheets, where the middle layer is twisted at a specific 'magic' angle.

Researchers have found a way to get polymer gels to snap and reset themselves, relying solely on energy flow from their environment.

Kaman UK produce complex parts and full assemblies for some of the world’s major aerospace and defense companies.

BASF says that it has increased prices for products in its additives portfolio for plastic applications globally by up to 10%.

Professor Hongjin Fan announced as new Editor-in-Chief of Materials Today Energy.

Siemens has appointed Roland Busch as its new CEO, replacing Joe Kaeser after 40 years.

The UK’s National Composites Centre (NCC) and Arcola Energy have formed a project aimed at accelerating the decarbonization of heavy-duty vehicles.

Solico, a composite engineering specialist, has expanded its engineering team following an increase in demand.

The Institute of Materials, Minerals & Mining (IOM3) has planned a series of virtual events, podcasts and editorial content about sustainability.

Element Materials Technology (Element) has opened a new SEK25 000 engineering facility in Linköping, Sweden.

Research materials supplier, Goodfellow has joined a UK-China joint working group on graphene standardization.

Chemists have managed to obtain quality 2D hexagonal boron nitride nanosheets by processing its natural bulk form with surfactants and water.

Researchers used X-ray tomography to discover that voids can form at the interface between electrodes and the solid electrolyte in solid-state batteries.

The US Office of the Secretary of Defense Manufacturing Technology has released its first additive manufacturing (AM) strategy.

3A Composites Core Materials says that its balsa wood supply has received Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification.

Composites UK invites industry individuals to take part in a UK-based trade remedies investiga-tion review on continuous glass fiber.

Experiments and simulations have revealed how 2D boron nitride can transform into its ultra-hard, diamond phase at room temperature.

Inspired by Kombucha tea, researchers have developed a new way to generate tough, functional materials using a mixture of bacteria and yeast.

Luna Innovations, which makes monitoring systems for aerospace, has announced a US$6.2 million deal with Lockheed Martin.

3D Systems plans to expand its Rock Hill, South Carolina location, reportedly adding 100,000 ft2 to its existing headquarters.

GKN Aerospace plans to contribute to three programs covering sustainability in the aerospace industry.

instead of recycling, PET can be transformed into a useful sorbent material for removal of insecticides from water

Using a specially textured, gas-attracting material, researchers have greatly boosted the performance of catalytical systems for capturing carbon dioxide.

Speakers for MarineAM, a two-day conference focusing on materials for the marine sector, have been announced.

Solvay says that it has expanded the distribution of its PVDF and ECTFE polymers in the EMEA region, excluding Italy.

Franklin Bronze has acquired a Laser SLA 3D Printer for rapid prototyping and to make short runs of investment cast parts.

By utilizing a patterned, flexible elastomer, researchers have created stretchable electronics that are less compromised by deformation.

Inprotec Ltd manager Chris Oldroyd has been appointed to the board of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining (IOM3) mining technology division.

Gurit has reported preliminary net sales of CHF578.8 million for the full year 2020, an increase of 0.4% from the same period of 2019 (CHF576.4 million).

Solvay and aerospace giant Leonardo have launched a joint research lab to help develop new materials for aviation.

The US Manufacturing Institute (MI) has announced a three-year project to inspire more women and young people to pursue industry careers.

Researchers have developed a new method for smashing individual metal nanoclusters together to form macro-scale hunks of solid metal.

Komet Deutschland GmbH has decided to restructure its business, following a decline in turnover and profit over the past financial years.

The Alan Turing Institute and the AMRC have signed an agreement to increase the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in manufacturing.

Researchers have found a way to flip the horizontal channels between graphene sheets to make them vertical, which is an ideal orientation for filtration.

Using a novel real-time electron microscopy technique and carbon nanohorns, researchers have observed crystal growth in unprecedented detail.

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