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Materials news, March 2021

The UK composites industry is ‘facing unprecedented challenges’ due to a dip in raw material availability, according to trade organization Composites UK.

By coating DNA-nanoparticle lattices in silica, researchers have developed robust nanomaterials that can withstand high temperatures and pressures.

By covering cubic silicon carbide in nanopores, researchers have created an efficient light-powered material for splitting water to produce hydrogen.

The MPIF reports that Pierre W Taubenblat, FAPMI, has passed away age 91.

SGL Carbon reports 2020 consolidated sales of €919.4 million, 15% less than €1,087 million in 2019.

A new, inexpensive dipping process using a sulfolane additive can produce high-quality perovskite crystalline thin film for use in solar cells.

Researchers have found that reducing the repulsive interactions between electrons in magic-angle graphene makes its superconductivity more robust.

Hexcel says that it will be developing a new prepreg as part of the UK-based Aerospace and Automotive Supply Chain Enabled (ASCEND) development project.

Manufacturer Primus Aerospace has acquired a Velo3D metal 3D printer to make parts for aerospace and defense applications.

Ford and ExOne have developed a patent-pending process for binder jet 3D printing and sintering of 6061 aluminum.

By utilizing a semisolid electrode, researchers have found a way to prevent the formation of dendrites in lithium-ion batteries with a solid electrolyte.

Polynt Composites says that it will increase the prices of some of its materials from 1st April.

Evonik reports that it will research ways to make its plastic products part of the circular economy.

Researchers have found a material that can switch between a window and a mirror in a quadrillionth of a second when struck by a short laser pulse.

machine learning algorithm trained to predict pullout forces of carbon nanotubes from polymer matrix

ExOne plans to launch a controlled atmosphere model of its X1 160Pro extra-large production metal 3D printer in the second half of 2022.

GKN Aerospace is leading a new UK industry consortium to develop more sustainable composite material for the UK aerospace and automotive industries.

graphene oxide can affect the response of synapses in the brain potentially leading to treatment for PTSD

Researchers have designed a system of self-oscillating flexible materials that display a distinctive mode of dynamic self-organization.

Clemson University has received US$11 million funding from the US Army to 3D print components for ground vehicles, air platforms and munitions.

Scott Bader has joined the Society of Chemical Industry (SCI) as a corporate partner.

Inprotec, based in the UK, has been awarded a six-figure contract by Spain-based Azor Ambiental to upgrade its lead recovery plant in Murcia.

Researchers have discovered that the electronic properties of halide perovskites hinge on the way their atomic lattice twists and turns.

novel bio-polymer based on microalgae could offer a sustainable alternative to synthetic polymers produced from fossil fuels

The MPIF reports that atomization pioneer Christer Äslund, president of METEC Technologies AB, sadly passed away recently.

Teijin Frontier, the Teijin Group's fibers and products converting company, has established a sales office in Gurugram, India.

Solvay reports that its specialty polymer range wil now be distributed in Italy by Nevicolor SpA.

America Makes and the Girl Scouts of North East Ohio (GSNEO) have partnered to promote additive manufacturing (AM).

Chinese scientists demonstrate tunable polymers for use in photovoltaics

Using optical spectroscopy, researchers have shown that the insulating behavior of 'bad metals' can be explained with conventional theories.

Arburg’s Polish subsidiary has appointed Konrad Szymczak as its new MD.

Lanxess says that it has increased the prices of its engineering plastics with immediate effect.

The Additive Manufacturing Users Group (AMUG) is holding a certified additive manufacturing (AM) technician course in May.

The EPMA says that it is now welcoming entries to its PM thesis competition.

For the first time, researchers have created borophane – an atomically thin boron material that is stable at standard temperatures and air pressures.

By combining photonic crystals with a polymer substrate, researchers have developed a photonic material that can move and fold when illuminated.

Additive Industries has appointed Ian C Howe as its new CEO and Carlien Siebelt as its new CFO.

Union Process, which makes attritors and grinding mills, has launched a newly designed website.

A novel glass display with a high white light contrast ratio can smoothly transition between a broad spectrum of colors when electrically charged.

New computer-controlled ultrasound technique useful for biofabrication

Hypetex says that its range of technical coloured carbon fiber is now being distributed in the USA by Composite Envisions.

Senvol say that it has received further funding from the US Navy and US Air Force to develop its additive manufacturing (AM) machine learning software.

Atomising Systems (ASL) has invested £150,000 to install an inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectroscopy (ICP-OES) system in its lab.

Pascal Laborde has been appointed MD of Arburg’s French subsidiary.

Scientists have combined two cutting-edge analytical techniques to achieve nanoscale mapping of each distinct electronic phase in nickelates.

3D printed tissue and organs move a step closer

Sandvik says that it has qualified for the Sustainability Yearbook for the 12th consecutive year.

Wall Colmonoy Aerobraze will be exhibiting at MRO Americas, taking place from 27-29 April 2021 in Orlando, Florida.

BASF Group says that its full year 2020 sales were ‘almost stable’ at €59.1 billion.

Scott Bader has invested over €1.8 million to expand production capacity of its structural adhesives, gelcoats and formulated products.

A novel bio-based, fully recyclable polymer membrane for separating oil and water can be reused even after its pores are clogged.

New phenomenon discovered for half-auxetic materials

Metal powder manufacturer Höganäs Group has been granted €270,000 from the Swedish Energy Agency to help reduce its environmental footprint.

Metal additive manufacturing (AM) company Velo3D has appointed Jon Porter to manage its commercial operations in Europe.

JEC has set the date for an online event taking place from 1-2 June 2021, to replace the postponed JEC World show.

Researchers used ultrafast nanometric imaging to show, for the first time, that populations of carbon dots contain both good and bad emitters.

A new fabrication technique could allow lithium-ion batteries to use the same production processes for ceramic electrolytes as for liquid electrolytes.

A new company has been formed in the UK to help transition vehicle internal combustion engines to hybrid, full battery electric, and fuel-cell power.

Researchers have developed a new way to produce nonlinear optical processes, by stacking and twisting layers of 2D hexagonal boron nitride.

By using 'scientific machine learning', researchers have gained a better understanding of how lithium ions more in and out of battery electrodes.

Metal and carbon fiber 3D printing company Markforged says that Phillips Corporation will distribute its AI-powered additive manufacturing (AM) system.

BASF says that it has increased its prices in Europe for 1,4 Butanediol (BDO) and its derivatives.

The founders of 3D printing company Renishaw, Sir David McMurtry and John Deer, reportedly plan to sell their 53% share in the company.

Researchers have shown that flowing ions near the cathode can prevent the formation of dendrites in lithium-metal batteries.

Researchers have developed a novel cerium molybdate material that exhibits high antiviral activity against the coronavirus that causes covid-19.

A novel chemical-responsive hydrogel shell can generate dynamic morphological changes, including periodic oscillations similar to heartbeats.

The German Federation of Reinforced Plastics (AVK) is inviting submissions for its 2021 Innovation Awards.

The organizers JEC World have postponed the event until 8 to 10 March 2022.

DNA-based self-assembly methods can construct 3D superconducting nanostructures

3D Systems has reported unaudited Q4 2020 revenue of US$172.7 million, an increase of 2.6% compared to US$168.2 million in Q4 2019.

nanomesh pressure sensor can monitor finger pressure without any effect on sensation

imperfections in the highly regular crystal structure of diamond could hold the key for ultrasensitive biosensing

Powder producer Equispheres has awarded two new contracts to 3D printing companies to help speed up its lab expansion project.

Sintavia, which 3D prints flight and launch components, has acquired three A2X electron beam printers from GE Additive Arcam.

trinamiX, a subsidiary of BASF SE, says that its spectrometer can now reliably differentiate between polyamide 6 (PA6) and polyamide 6.6 (PA66).

Xenia Materials, which makes thermoplastic composites, has formed a new partnership with Jiejiayou (Shenzhen) Material Technology Co Ltd.

all-natural bioinspired composite material could offer an alternative to petroleum-based structural plastics

Using X-rays, researchers have revealed the presence of both lithium hydride and lithium fluoride in the interphase of lithium-metal batteries.

Researchers have made electrochemical carbon nanotube muscles much faster and more powerful by coating them with an ionically conducting polymer.

By cutting a periodic pattern of holes into graphene, researchers have produced a phononic crystal with controllable vibrational modes.

Chemicals company Lanxess says that it is raising its prices for 1,6-hexanediol (HDO) globally with immediate effect.

ANCA, which makes CNC grinding machines, says that it has upgraded its FX5 Linear two-wheel pack machine.

exposure to graphene oxide can induce anaphylactic shock in small number of non-human primates

Using advanced electron microscopes, researchers have imaged the boundary between 2D and 3D materials, and correlated it with their properties.

Researchers have found that pairing a magnet with graphene induces an 'artificial magnetic texture' in the usually nonmagnetic 2D material.

Researchers have developed the world's thinnest carbon dioxide filter from graphene, able to separate carbon dioxide from industrial emissions.

Using a weakly binding electrolyte, researchers developed a lithium-metal battery that can be repeatedly recharged at temperatures as low as -60°C.

Exel Composites has appointed Mika Bordi as its new regional sales manager for Finland, Russia and the Baltics.

Metal and carbon fiber 3D printing company Markforged has entered into a definitive agreement to merge with acquisition company one.

Using a two-pronged process, researchers produced hydrogels that mimic the internal structure, stretchiness, strength and durability of biological tissues.

Researchers have developed hydrogels that are cell-compatible, biodegradable and can change shape over time in response to water.

Composites One has completed its purchase of Solvay’s process materials business.

Gurit has announced a three-year core material kit engineering and supply contract with a wind turbine manufacturer.

The Society of Motor Manufacturers & Traders (SMMT) reports that UK engine manufacturing output declined by 29.3% in January with 168,291 units built.

The Plansee Group now holds a majority interest in Luxembourg-based Ceratizit SA, which makes carbide tools.

additive manufacturing offers the possibility of tailoring polyethylene implants to individual patients and improving tissue regrowth

Researchers have discovered a halide ion conductor that could dramatically improve the efficiency and lifespan of solid-state sodium-ion batteries.

AMAC and Netherlands-based engineering company Pontis Engineering have joined forces to commercialize composites in e-mobility applications.

APMI International has named Cynthia Freeby, regional sales manager at Ametek Specialty Metal Products, as its 2021 fellow.

Fraunhofer Institute has acquired a hot isostatic press (HIP) to improve its knowledge of pressure-supported heat treatment.

Scientists have discovered the crucial role played by one of the solvents used in the fabrication process for perovskite solar cells.

An exotic metallic material made of cerium, bismuth and palladium can produce a giant Hall effect in the total absence of any magnetic field.

The MPIF has published details of a seminar called ‘Powder Processing: Quality, Handling & Safety for Performance’ as part of PowderMet 2021.

Teijin has launched its new Tenax PW (power series) and Tenax BM (beam series) brands of carbon fiber intermediate materials for sports applications.

Composites company Hexcel is hosting an online panel discussion covering the use of additive manufacturing (AM) for space applications on 2 March 2021.

porous silica nanoparticles impregnated with nanoceria offer novel way to treat osteoporosis

By fabricating raised squares on the surface of an antiferromagnetic crystal, researchers have developed a novel data storage medium.

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