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Materials news, May 2021

AMUG President’s Award recipients

The Additive Manufacturing Users Group (AMUG) has named the two recipients of its President's Award, Terry Hoppe and Vince Anewenter.

Trade association British Marine will be running a sustainability workshop at MarineAM, taking place on 6-7 July 2021 in Southampton, UK.

Gasbarre Thermal Processing Systems has made a pusher furnace to a supplier of tungsten alloy products in the US.

A printing pattern often used in metal 3D printing to decrease residual stress, known as island scanning, can sometimes produce more stress.

3D printing company Desktop Metal had revenue of US$11.3 million in Q1 2021, an increase of 35% from Q4 2020 and 234% from Q1 2020.

Registration has opened for the MPIF's PM parts compacting and tooling seminar, taking place from 13–14 September 2021 in State College, Pennsylvania.

CompoTech will be showcasing its carbon fiber beams and joint at JEC Composites Connect 2021, taking place online from 1-2 June 2021.

BASF has been working with German energy group RWE to increase its use of renewable energy and use more sustainable technologies.

Researchers have produced strong and flexible 3D-printable gels by merging micro- and nano-sized networks of alginate from seaweed.

Using a complex metal oxide that can utilize electron spins, physicists have created computing elements comparable to neurons and synapses in the brain.

By utilizing 'frontal polymerization', researchers have shortened the manufacturing process for vascular materials from two days to two minutes.

Researchers have developed electrospun scaffolds made from extracellular matrix for promoting the regeneration of injured skeletal muscle.

Metal and carbon fiber additive manufacturing (AM) specialist Markforged has reported a 14.7% increase in Q1 2021 revenue US$20.3 million.

AMUG has named the winners of its Distinguished INnovator Operator (DINO) Award for additive manufacturing (AM) expertise and years of service.

Oerlikon Metco has opened a competence center for high-speed laser cladding applications at its facility in Wohlen, Switzerland.

SLM Solutions has partnered with Solukon to use the latter’s depowdering systems in the post processing of 3D printed parts.

Hypetex has partnered with consultant SustainableX to evaluate its current environment footprint.

Karen Drinkwater, founding director of molding specialist JSC Rotational Limited, has been elected president of the British Plastics Federation (BPF).

earth-abundant molten salt, based on seawater-derived sodium chloride, is stable enough to be used for solar thermal energy storage

By combining a protein-like molecule with a silicate-based nanocluster, researchers have created a new class of progammable 2D nanocrystals.

A chair made from hemp fibers and bio-resin has been awarded first place in the Renewable Material of the Year 2021 awards.

Cobra International plans to present its recent composite applications and process technology at the upcoming JEC Connect 2021 online event.

The Additive Manufacturing Users Group (AMUG), based in the US, has named the members of its 2021-2022 board of directors.

Researchers have developed a novel multilayer, multimaterial lithium-metal battery that can control and contain the growth of lithium dendrites.

ivory substitute can be printed into complex three-dimensional structures using additive manufacturing

ExOne reports Q1 revenue of just over US$13 million, a 3% decrease from US$13.4 million in Q1 2020.

3D printing specialist Optomec has formed a technical advisory board (TAB) for metal additive manufacturing (AM).

UBQ Materials, which makes thermoplastics, has partnered with Plastics App to develop a carbon fiber 3D printing filament with a reduced carbon footprint.

The organizers of 3D printing conference SportAM have announced the event’s opening speaker.

Plaswood has formed a distribution with MKM Building Supplies in the UK.

Engineers are vaporizing metals within a magnetic field to direct the reassembly of the metal atoms into nanomaterials with predictable shapes.

A novel alloy of gallium and iron is more effective and cheaper than other 'magnetostrictive' materials, potentially leading to more efficient computing.

By combining experiments and computer simulations, researchers have found a way to determine what happens to refractory oxides at high temperatures.

Innovative process permanently stores plant-captured CO2 as silicon carbide

US 3D printing institute America Makes has completed its test version of a program designed to promote 3D printing careers to school pupils.

ExOne has partnered with sales company Aurora Group and two of its subsidiaries to distribute its binder jetting in Asia.

Toray Advanced Composites has acquired a new high heat laminate press at its facility in Nijverdal, The Netherlands.

The organizers of 3D printing conference SportAM have announced the event’s opening speaker.

Call for Papers: New Journal

drug-loaded piezoelectric polymer nanoparticles deliver double blow to brain tumors

Innovative way to reduce the band gap in cheaper and non-toxic tin-based oxide semiconductors

Ceramics company SINTX Technologies has developed a new line of silicon nitride products for antipathogenic and biomedical applications.

Sandvik has signed a deal to acquire South African based company Kwatani, a supplier of screens and feeders for the mining industry.

Greenboats, Sicomin and Bcomp have been named finalists of the JEC Innovation Awards 2021.

New way to arrange 2D nanosheets into a 3D configuration to produce new materials

Researchers have developed a new security device that takes advantage of microstructure variations in graphene to generate secure encryption keys.

3D Systems says that it to expand its healthcare business in Denver, Colorado by over 50%.

The organizers of ceramics industry conference ceramitec report that the next conference has been postponed to 21–24 June 2022.

Cygnet Texkimp and The Northwest Composites Centre have partnered to test fiber winding technology against braiding and traditional filament winding.

Inspired by chameleon skin, researchers have developed core-shell hydrogels that change color in response to the vapors released by spoiled fish.

Scientists have found a way to arrange 2D sheets of tungsten disulfide into a 3D configuration known as a nanomesh, which has a modified energy landscape.

Arkema has signed the ‘10 common commitments’ of French organization Act4nature, which aims to mobilize companies to companies to protect diversity.

Toyota plans to begin testing of a first fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV) mobile clinic that uses hydrogen to generate electricity.

Sigmatex says that it has renewed its exclusive partnership with CCM, a designer, manufacturer and marketer of hockey equipment.

ExOne has acquired the assets of Freshmade 3D, an Ohio, USA-based startup that owns a patented way to create tooling out of sand forms.

The NCDMM in the US has appointed John Schmitt as executive director of the Advanced Manufacturing Innovation and Integration Center (AMIIC).

Anthony W Thornton from powder characterization company Micromeritics Instrument, has been awarded the 2021 ASTM William T Cavanaugh Memorial Award.

3D Systems has acquired Allevi, a USA-based developer of bioprinting solutions, and Additive Works, a German additive manufacturing (AM) software company.

A new study shows that magnetic graphene can efficiently convert charge to spin current and transfer strong spin-polarization over long distances.

By doping electrons into an antiferromagnetic material, researchers have found they can turn its antiferromagnetism on and off in a controllable way.

A novel 'molecular glue' can keep a key interface inside perovskite solar cells from degrading, thereby improving their long-term reliability.

Researchers have developed an alternative leather-like material from silk, which can be printed into different patterns and textures.

The organizers of Composite-Expo, which took place in Moscow, Russia, last month, say that it attracted 5,400 visitors from various industries.

ELG Carbon Fibre Limited (ECF) has sold its short carbon fiber business to Procotex Corporation SA and renamed its existing composite business.

Registration is now open for the EPMA’s European PM conference and exhibition, Euro PM2021.

Wall Colmonoy has launched a new range of Wallex Cobalt chromium powders and cast discs for dental implants, partial denture and prosthetics.

Researchers have made their transparent wood more sustainable by replacing fossil-based polymer fillers with versions made from orange peel.

Researchers have developed a way to finely tune the mechanical properties of a scaffolding material so it can support the growth of various tissues.

Implantable nanoparticle sensor shows concentration changes of substances in the blood

The EPMA says that it has postponed its powder metallurgy (PM) summer school until 2022 due to restrictions imposed by COVID-19.

Chemicals company Arkema has reported sales of €2.23 billion in Q1 2021, an increase of 12.7% compared to the same period in 2020.

Exel Composites’ Jari Sopanen will present a talk on using of pultruded composites to make battery electric vehicle (BEV) battery enclosures.

Satellite Applications Catapult, a UK company focusing on promoting satellite services, has acquired a MetalFAB1 3D printer from Additive Industries.

Researchers have created a scalable technique for fabricating the smallest graphene nanoribbons yet, which could find use in telecommunications.

By eliminating the anode and reducing the water content of the electrolyte, researchers have developed a stable, highly efficient sodium-ion battery.

Scott Bader says that it has partnered with international habitat conservation trust World Land Trust (WLT) to offset its global carbon emissions.

BASF is increasing the prices for its ecovio biodegradable compound in Europe with immediate effect or as contracts permit.

ExOne has partnered with four new sales companies to help expand its distribution in the United States and Canada.

EPMA has posted an open link for companies involved in press and sinter production to input their benchmarking data for 2020.

Cutting-edge computations have revealed that massive efficiency losses in hybrid perovskite solar cells are caused by missing hydrogen atoms.

Researchers have developed neural networks that can accurately predict the evolution of microstructures in materials under certain environments.

BASF launched a new website for its performance and formulation additives.

Polyamide specialist DOMO Chemicals says that it has committed to neutral CO2 emissions growth in 2030.

The National Center for Defense Manufacturing and Machining (NCDMM) reports that it has opened a new manufacturing center in Alabama, USA.

JEC says that more than 1,000 composites companies from 46 countries will participate in its online industry exhibition.

The Fraunhofer Institute is researching ways to make debinding more energy efficient when used in the 3D printing of near-net shape components.

SINTX Technologies has filed multiple US and international patent applications to develop new technologies using the company’s silicon nitride.

Union Process has developed a new combination Attritor mill that it says has improved speed and efficiency when used in media grinding.

Scientists have characterized how the electronic states in an exotic iron-based superconductor depend on local chemical concentrations.

Using a specially modified atomic force microscope, researchers have been able to determine the proton affinity of individual atoms on a surface.

By combining polymer gels and gold nanoparticles, researchers created a diverse array of oscillators that could move in unison with each other.

Using extremely high pressures, researchers have managed to produce a novel 2D material composed of nitrogen and beryllium atoms, termed beryllonitrene.

nTopology has released the 3.0 version of its engineering design software.

Sigma Labs has reported Q1 2021 revenue increasing by more than 100% over both Q1 2020 and Q4 2020, to US$458,140.

A hydrogel-based material that mimics the structure of the lobster's underbelly is able to withstand repeated stretches and strains without tearing.

A novel material made up of layers of different oxides, termed a gradient ENZ material, can beam thermal radiation at specific angles.

Umicore and BASF have entered into a non-exclusive patent cross-license agreement covering cathode materials and their precursors.

The EPMA reports that presentations from its 34th General Assembly, held 15 April 2021, are now available to the organization’s members.

The additive manufacturing (AM) market grew by 21% in 2020 to a total of US$12.6 billion, according to a new report by 3D Hubs.

Heatcon Composite Systems has partnered with Hexcel Corporation to distribute Hexcel’s carbon fiber prepreg fabrics and tapes.

DuPont has received a silver Edison Award in the Sustainability category for its range of Betaforce 2800 TC thermally conductive structural adhesives.

Solvay has launched a new line of polyphthalamide (PPA) compounds suitable for e-mobility and metal replacement applications.

Scientists have glimpsed the signature of an exotic phase of matter called pair-density waves in an unconventional superconductor.

Scientists have used sophisticated microscopy techniques to reveal how the gold in gold-silver nanoparticles can prevent the silver from leaching out.

The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) plans to host a tech forum covering 3D printing in June 2021.

Easy Composites Ltd has formed an exclusive UK distribution agreement with Eco-Technilin, which makes natural flax fiber material for composites.

A new podcast has been launched which discusses the latest technologies in the composites and advanced materials industry.

CRP USA says that Stewart Davis, its director of operations, will be speaking at the Additive Manufacturing Users Group (AMUG) conference.

UK engine production rose 31.7% in March 2021, compared with March 2020, according to the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT).

The MPIF has introduced a new course covering powder metallurgy and particulate materials processing.

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