SPIE Photonics Europe is organized for the third time in Brussel's new city centre conference facility.

Photonics Europe is the place to be. It brings together different disciplines, technologies, and perspectives from across Europe and around the world. As a participant, you will be among the leaders who are presenting research, developing new contacts, and learning about the latest funding opportunities.

      •   Photonics Europe is conferences, workshops, seminars and an exhibition that will combine into a dynamic learning environment.

      •   Photonics Europe has programmes and experts on new business development and bridges the gap between academia and industry.

      •   Photonics Europe serves as the platform for information updates on Horizon 2020, the European Union's new Framework Programme for Research and Innovation.

      •   Photonics Europe features a daily comprehensive "hot topics" session, and will include a unique welcoming reception, daily coffee breaks, plus other technical and social events.

      •   Photonics Europe presents the Innovation Village: a window on creative products developed by universities and research centres.

      •   Photonics Europe hosts the European Village: a display on European initiatives, Integrated Projects, Networks of Excellence, Coordination and Support Actions, and other EC-projects that showcase their consortia as well as their newest breakthroughs.

The leadership of Photonics Europe 2014 has selected many of the toughest issues facing optical and photonics technologies today as the basis for their programmes. These current research issues will drive the development of new products for years to come.

Brussels' historical city centre provides a great atmosphere against a backdrop of excellent dining, comfortable facilities, straightforward accessibility, and easy transportation.

Present at Photonics Europe 2014 and be among the leaders!

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