Optical materials news, August 2020

Moth eye nanostructures stop surfaces from icing over

Nanostructure surface displays improved anti-icing performance

Novel composites of nanocellulose and metal nanoparticles could prove of use for various optical, catalytic, electrical and biomedical applications.

Researchers have developed a new spray-on method for producing clear coatings made from tin oxide that can block heat and conduct electricity.

By formulating fluorescent dyes into a novel class of crystalline lattice, researchers have created the brightest ever fluorescent materials.

A newly developed sulfur-containing polymer film boasts a high refractive index while being fully transparent over the entire visible range.

new 'micro' approach to electronic waste recycling could create valuable renewable resources

We are excited to announce that Elsevier in collaboration with SPIE, titled Photonic Materials and Applications.

Using standard semiconductor fabrication processes, engineers have found a way to fabricate perovskites as single-crystal thin films.

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High-quality cathode material made from sodium

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calculations identify diffusion paths of Se in CdTe, boosting thin film solar cell efficiency