Optical materials news, April 2022

Designing biomolecules for adaptive properties

Spontaneous emergence of complex patterns in mixtures of biomolecules

Color-changing chameleon inspires printed photonics

colloidal photonic crystal ink enables printing of 2D and 3D colored structures using additive manufacturing techniques

Using novel nanocapsules, researchers have developed a 3D printing process that makes it possible to print an object within a volume of resin.

Researchers have discovered that laser light can trigger a type of magnetism in the superlattice formed by two nonmagnetic 2D materials.

A new low-temperature annealing method can produce an alloy of gold and silver that is able to reflect every color in the spectrum.

Researchers have developed a tunable graphene-based platform that can control the interaction between light and matter in the terahertz spectrum.

Using stacked layers of a novel semiconducting material, researchers have managed to produce a highly efficient deep-ultraviolet laser.

Researchers have discovered that built-in thermal ‘shock absorbers’ allow semiconducting perovskites to exhibit superfluorescence at room temperature.

By utilizing a honeycomb layer to capture sunlight, researchers have increased the levels of energy absorbed by wafer-thin photovoltaic panels by 25%.

A flexible display that utilizes stretchy light-emitting polymers is brighter than a cellphone and can be stretched up to twice its original length.

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