Optical materials news, June 2022

By removing contaminants, researchers have managed to get boron nitride nanotubes to assemble themselves into liquid crystals.

Magnetic result for coated gold nanorods

Using iron oxide nanoparticles, researchers have been able to control the orientation, and thus optical properties, of gold nanorods with a magnetic field.

Researchers have found a new structure, which they term a bilayer-folded lamellar mesophase, in an aqueous solution of an amphiphilic copolymer.

Researchers have developed a way to produce identical photons, with the same wavelength and polarization, from separate quantum dots.

By etching holes in a top layer of silicon, researchers have developed tiny, flexible solar cells for powering implantable medical devices.

Scientists have developed efficient photocatalysts for splitting water made from inorganic atomic clusters on titanium oxide supports.

green-solvent-processable, open-air printable self-assembly strategy for fabricating stable, efficient OSCs

light-triggered shape-changing device that could serve as a power source for soft robotics

Researchers have discovered that the tiny defects that limit the efficiency of perovskite solar cells are also responsible for their degradation over time.

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