Optical materials news, November 2022

Self-assembled pinwheel structure displays surprising chirality

Researchers have developed a novel method for getting pyramid-shaped nanoparticles to self-assembe into pinwheel lattices with chiral properties.

Researchers have predicted the existence of tiny picophotonic waves that can propagate in semiconductors like silicon.

Researchers have developed a scanning probe microscope that uilizes terahertz waves and used it to study a perovskite material for solar cells.

Researchers have discovered how the electronic properties of the photoelectrode bismuth vanadate change when it gets wet.

Researchers used various optical techniques to investigate the unusual superconductivity of a recently discovered family of kagome metals.

Researchers have developed a method for getting quantum dots to self-assemble into a highly conductive optoelectronic metamaterial.

metamaterial based on liquid-crystal elastomers can change its mechanical properties in response to light

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Researchers have developed a ceramic material for passive radiative cooling than can both reflect visible light and radiate away mid-infrared wavelengths.

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