Dr. Lorenzo Pavesi at the University of Trento joins Elsevier and SPIE in this exciting adventure as Series Editor.
Dr. Lorenzo Pavesi at the University of Trento joins Elsevier and SPIE in this exciting adventure as Series Editor.

We are excited to announce that Elsevier in collaboration with SPIE, the international society for optics and photonics, is launching a new book series titled Photonic Materials and Applications. Elsevier serves as the publisher of the series, which is supported by the collaboration of leading members of the SPIE community. Dr. Lorenzo Pavesi, Professor at the University of Trento and a Fellow of SPIE, currently serves as the Series Editor.

Photonic Materials and Applications takes an applied approach from the materials science and engineering perspective and examines the latest high-impact research trends in photonics and advances in the discipline’s underlying science and applications. Volumes in the series will be edited books led by and featuring contributions from prominent experts in the photonics community. Photonic Materials and Applications is suitable for an interdisciplinary audience of researchers and practitioners in materials science, engineering, and the physical sciences.

The first titles in the new series are set to be published in early 2022 and will cover important photonics topics ranging from key engineered and natural photonic materials, to methods and emerging applications. Books in the series will be available through both Elsevier’s normal sales channels (including Science Direct) and the SPIE Digital Library, providing the widest possible access to key reference content to the interdisciplinary photonics community.

Patrick Franzen, SPIE Director of Publications and Platform, noted that: “SPIE is excited to collaborate with Elsevier on this new series. We have a long history of book publishing and look forward to working alongside Elsevier to bring photonic science and engineering to a wider audience. The applications of photonics continue to expand, and the engineering and science of light will undoubtedly be critical to many future technologies. Sharing the knowledge and expertise of our community with the next generations of engineers and scientists is a key component of the SPIE mission, and Photonic Materials and Applications will ensure the further advancement of photonic research.”

Lorenzo Pavesi, Professor at the University of Trento, is the Series Editor: “I am very happy to serve as editor of this series, which was realized thanks to the collaboration between one of the best publishing houses and SPIE, the international society for optics and photonics. Based on this relationship, we can guarantee very high-quality volumes on one hand, and on the other hand broad visibility among professionals in the sector, including researchers and industrialists. My main task will be to guide the compilation of volumes of high scientific quality on state-of-the-art research and development in a sector of significant industrial and scientific interest. Contributing to these volumes will be a sign of distinction and the reader will be rewarded with intellectual and professional satisfaction. The volumes are appropriate for both experts in the field and newbies, in addition to individuals who want to refresh their knowledge. This challenge is exciting and I am sure that the collaboration of Elsevier and SPIE will lead to an efficacious outcome.”

Jonathan Simpson, Publishing Director at Elsevier, commented on Elsevier’s role as publisher of the series: “Elsevier is delighted to be publishing this important new series in collaboration with SPIE, the preeminent society in the field, and to be working with Dr. Pavesi and other members of the SPIE community. Elsevier’s goal is to help the groups we serve and partner with – researchers, professionals, students and educators – to advance in their fields. The Photonic Materials and Applications series brings together the expertise of all the partners involved in providing the optics and photonics community with a valuable new source of important content that will be highly discoverable. I am excited to see the Series develop.”

If you are interested in learning more about the series or in submitting a book proposal for consideration for inclusion in the series, please contact Kayla Dos Santos, Senior Acquisitions Editor at k.dossantos@elsevier.com

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