Freely Available Online: Special Issue on Short Pulsed Fiber Lasers

In the last two decades the fiber laser has evolved from a laboratory curiosity to a viable tool in an increasing number of applications in such diverse areas as material processing, atmospheric monitoring, high energy physics, medicine, telecommunications, and defense. Our special issue includes sixteen (16) invited papers from distinguished researchers from both industry and academia from different parts of the world. In each contribution the authors present an overview of the latest advances in their specific research area. Read full editorial

Guest Editors: Edited by Jean-Marc P. Delavaux, Philippe Grelu, Wang Pu and Fatih Ömer Ilday

Volume 20, Issue 6, December 2014, Pages 561

All the papers from the special issue have been made freely available online until June 15, 2015

Special Issue Articles

Manipulating dissipative soliton ensembles in passively mode-locked fiber lasers
Pages 562-574
F. Sanchez, Ph. Grelu, H. Leblond, A. Komarov, K. Komarov, M. Salhi, A. Niang, F. Amrani, C. Lecaplain, S. Chouli

On the formation of noise-like pulses in fiber ring cavity configurations
Pages 575-592
Yoonchan Jeong, Luis Alonso Vazquez-Zuniga, Seungjong Lee, Youngchul Kwon

Multisoliton complexes in fiber lasers
Pages 593-609
D.A. Korobko, R. Gumenyuk, I.O. Zolotovskii, O.G. Okhotnikov

GHz pulse train generation in fiber lasers by cavity induced modulation instability
Pages 610-614
D.Y. Tang, J. Guo, Y.F. Song, L. Li, L.M. Zhao, D.Y. Shen

Mode-locked fiber lasers with significant variability of generation regimes
Pages 615-620
S. Kobtsev, S. Smirnov, S. Kukarin, S. Turitsyn

A review of recent progress in holmium-doped silica fibre sources
Pages 621-630
Alexander Hemming, Nikita Simakov, John Haub, Adrian Carter

Invited paper: Short pulse generation in mid-IR fiber lasers
Pages 631-641
Darren D. Hudson 

Advances in 2-μm Tm-doped mode-locked fiber lasers
Pages 642-649
Charles W. Rudy, Michel J.F. Digonnet, Robert L. Byer 

Tm-doped mode-locked fiber lasers
Pages 650-656
Frithjof Haxsen, Andreas Wienke, Dieter Wandt, Jörg Neumann, Dietmar Kracht

All-normal dispersion fiber lasers mode-locked with a nonlinear amplifying loop mirror
Pages 657-665
Antoine F.J. Runge, Claude Aguergaray, Richard Provo, Miro Erkintalo, Neil G.R. Broderick

Ultrafast fibre laser sources: Examples of recent developments
Pages 666-677
M. Zhang, E.J.R. Kelleher, S.V. Popov, J.R. Taylor

Eyesafe high peak power pulsed fiber lasers limited by fiber nonlinearity
Pages 678-687
G. Canat, W. Renard, E. Lucas, L. Lombard, J. Le Gouët, A. Durécu, P. Bourdon, S. Bordais, Y. Jaouën

High-power ns-pulse fiber laser sources for remote sensors
Pages 688-693
Fabio Di Teodoro, Paul Belden, Pavel Ionov, Nicolette Werner 

High-power continuous-wave operation of a fiber optical parametric oscillator in L and U bands
Pages 694-701
Rohit Malik, Michel E. Marhic 

Short pulse fiber lasers mode-locked by carbon nanotubes and graphene
Pages 702-713
Shinji Yamashita, Amos Martinez, Bo Xu 

1064-nm DFB laser diode modules applicable to seeder for pulse-on-demand fiber laser systems
Pages 714-724
Yoshitaka Yokoyama, Kan Takada, Takeo Kageyama, Shin Tanaka, Hayato Kondo, Satoshi Kanbe, Yasunari Maeda, Reio Mochida, Kenichi Nishi, Tsuyoshi Yamamoto, Keizo Takemasa, Mitsuru Sugawara, Yasuhiko Arakawa

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