The main goal of the conference is to contribute to new knowledge in surface, interface, very-thin films and ultra-thin films science of inorganic and organic materials by the most rapid interactive manner - by direct communication among scientists of corresponding research fields. The list of topics indicates that conference interests cover the development of basic theoretical physical and chemical principles and performance of surfaces-, thin films-, and interface-related processes, and corresponding experimental research on atomic scale. Topical results are applied at development of new inventive industrial equipments needed for investigation of electrical, optical, and structural properties, and other parameters of atomic-size research objects. The conference range spreads, from physical point of view, from fundamental research done on sub-atomic and quantum level to production of devices built on new physical principles.
   The conference topics include also presentation of principially new devices in following fields: solar cells, liquid crystal displays, high-temperature superconductivity, and sensors. During the event, special attention will be given to evaluation of scientific and technical quality of young scientists, to deep ecological meaning of solar cell energy production, and to exhibitions of companies.

Organizing Committee of the SSSI 2020

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