Natural fibres have attracting the interest to engineers, researchers, professionals and scientists all over the world as an alternative reinforcement for fibre reinforced polymer composites, because of its superior properties such as high specific strength, low weight, low cost, fairly good mechanical properties, non-abrasive, eco-friendly and bio-degradable characteristics. In this point of view, a brief review has been carried out to make use of natural fibres (such as abaca, banana, bamboo, cotton, coir, hemp, jute, pineapple, sisal etc) abundantly available in India. Glass Fibre Reinforced Polymers are mixing with natural fibres to increase Engineering and Technology applications. This paper presents a review on the mechanical properties of natural-glass fibre reinforced polymer composites.

This article originally appeared in Materials Today: Proceedings 2, Issue 4-5, 2015, Pages 2959-2967