Polymers and soft materials news, September 2014

Folding up DNA into nanostructures.

Industrial synthesis of a material harder than diamond

Researchers have developed anew method for the synthesis of an ultrahard material that exceeds diamond in hardness.

Raising the profile and supporting the efforts of materials science research.

Scientists, have tapped oil and water to create scaffolds of self-assembling, synthetic proteins called peptoid nanosheets.

Jack Lemons has been awarded the highly acclaimed international 2015 Acta Biomaterialia Gold Medal Award.

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Textile-based organic photovoltaic cell could be a promising approach for powering wearable electronics.

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Using an inexpensive polymer called melamine, researchers have created a cheap, easy and energy-efficient way to capture carbon dioxide.


Advanced polymers help in treating burn patients


Environmentally friendly use of mussel shell waste with interesting properties


merging recycling with manufacturing can reform waste into value added materials for re-use

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