Polymers and soft materials news, November 2016

A novel silicone polymer gel makes an environmentally-friendly, inexpensive, long-lasting ice-repellent coating.

CNT transistors align performance with prediction

Carbon nanotubes promise electronic devices of the future that could outperform Si and GaAs technologies.

size, surface charge, composition and now shape of a nanoparticle determine how easily it can slip inside a cell

Inexpensive rewritable material that is environmentally friendly.

Repairing bones damaged by cancer surgery requires scaffold materials that can support tissue regeneration and suppressing tumor regrowth.

Researchers have identified new monolithic polymer films that can directly convert ultraviolet light into sustained motion.

View the winning image of the 2016 NuMART competition.

By combining physical and chemical approaches to self-healing, a new polymeric material can self-heal in semi-dry conditions.

A new electroactive material made from a bottlebrush polymer can change shape and size when exposed to a relatively small electric field.

Scientists have developed new polymer-stabilized droplet carriers that can identify and encapsulate nanoparticles for transport in a cell.

Polymer fragility index and chain length

The University at Buffalo's new Materials Data Engineering Laboratory will conduct materials modeling and simulations using visual data.

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Korean researchers investigate degradation of commercial materials in soil and seawater


Addition of titanium carbide-based materials significantly reduces friction and wear