Polymers and soft materials news, December 2016

A new perspective article reviews the state-of-the-art of autonomous polymers and lays out future directions for the field.

Sensor detects variation in magnetic field strength

New high-precision sensor measures changes in magnetic fields.

Metallic organic, no pressure, TED.

novel hemostatic treatment based on a shape memory polymer (SMP) foam combined with an antibacterial hydrogel suitable for deep wounds

New additions to the Materials Today family.

First articles, available now.

Changing the length of the polymer ‘thread’ between each molecular ‘bead’ can increase the strain and rupture strength of polymer gels.

introducing an additional polymer layer into ‘inverted’ perovskite solar cells can boost performance

Do you qualify for the 2017 Reaxys PhD Prize?

Nanoparticles can break down hazardous organic dyes into harmless molecules.

Professor Allan S. Hoffman wins 2017 Acta Biomaterialia Gold Medal.

DMS from biofouling of plastic could attract foraging seabirds.

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Researchers have designed and tested a series of textile fibers that can change shape and generate force like a muscle.


Vegetable oils may enable stronger and more eco-friendly sound absorbing materials


Researchers have studied the effects of reversible interactions on the dynamics of new associative polymers they developed.



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