Polymers and soft materials news, January 2020

Mechanoluminescent material visualizes the location of impacts

Tuning the body’s inflammatory response with hydrogels

Light-activated biomimetic hydrogel for infection-beating wound dressings

A novel composite material based on a metal-organic framework that can destroy toxic nerve agents has been integrated with textile fibers.

Droplets containing chain-like liquid crystal molecules with different lengths can transform into complex shapes when the temperature drops.

A novel polymer sponge covered in nanocrystalline silicon can remove over 90% of oil microdroplets from wastewater within 10 minutes.

A new method for the solid-state thermal processing of silk allows the biopolymer to be molded directly into bulk parts with tunable properties.

A novel polymer can quickly transform from a thermal conductor to an insulator, and back again, in response to temperature changes.

A plastic wrap with a nanostructured, chemically treated surface can repel everything that comes into contact with it, including viruses and bacteria.

More durable materials from 3D printing of polymers

Automating polymer synthesis with robotics

New color fabric approach that helps control its spread of disease

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