Polymers and soft materials news, April 2021

Using embedded enzymes, researchers have produced compostable plastics that break down within a few weeks on exposure to heat and water.

mass distribution at the nanoscale is important for water-filtration performance

A novel conductive n-type polymer ink that is stable in air and at high temperatures could pave the way for innovative printed electronics.

By embedding calcium phosphate particles in resin, researchers have come up with a high-tech substitute for ivory, which can be 3D printed into parts.

By taking advantage of capillary forces, researchers have managed to change a cellular material's fundamental topology at the microscale.

Researchers have developed a hyaluronic acid hydrogel system for reinforcing and then sealing damaged cartilage at joints.

Adding molecular cages to the polymer membrane in a lithium-ion battery can increase the flow of lithium ions by an order of magnitude.

Polymer nanoparticles that can deliver active agents to the developing lungs of a fetus could lead to treatments for congenital disorders in the future

Researchers have improved molecules known as mechanophores so they produce reversible and rapid color change when a force is applied.

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