Polymers and soft materials news, December 2021

Researchers have created a polymer-based photodetector that can be stretched by up to 200% without significantly losing its conductivity.

New printing skin method helps heal chronic wounds

New material simulates all three layers of skin

Researchers have discovered that silica nanoparticles coated in polymer chains that are not too short or too long can produce extremely tough films.

Particles made of an organic polymer core covered in DNA molecules can come together to form a material with properties of both a crystal and a liquid.

magnetically aligned hydrogel scaffold and polymer-based electrode improves the interface between nerve tissue and prostheses

carbon-fiber reinforced polymer composite based on vitrimeric polymer matrix that can reverse fatigue damage

Using suspended layer additive manufacturing, researchers have, for the first time, printed a biomaterial that can simulate the three layers of skin.

Researchers have developed a polymer hydrogel that looks and feels like a squishy jelly, but acts like an ultra-hard, shatterproof glass when compressed.

cat's paw inspires soft, flexible impact-resistant and energy-dissipating composite

A novel organic battery with a wood-based electrode and a new type of water-based electrolyte has demonstrated record energy storage.

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Using an inexpensive polymer called melamine, researchers have created a cheap, easy and energy-efficient way to capture carbon dioxide.


Advanced polymers help in treating burn patients


Environmentally friendly use of mussel shell waste with interesting properties


merging recycling with manufacturing can reform waste into value added materials for re-use

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