Polymers and soft materials news, March 2022

Chitosan thermo-gel eyed for success

easy-to-apply alternative to eyedrops based on chitosan thermo-gels could be used to treat eye conditions more effectively

New shock-absorbing material could improve safety of helmets and vehicles

New foam-like material could help road safety

Material could replace plastic food packaging

Researchers have developed an advanced brain-computer interface with a flexible and moldable backing and penetrating microneedles.

carbon fiber-based composite battery electrodes could pave the way for high-performance structural components with energy storage capabilities

Researchers have created a foam-like shock-absorbing material that protects like a metal but is lighter, stronger and reusable.

Researchers have shown that their novel protein-like polymers make a better adhesive than the mussel glue that inspired them.

new coating for titanium implants combines antimicrobial peptides with silver nanoparticles for dual impact

Using computer modeling and experimental data, researchers can now predict, with unprecedented precision, when a soft material will crack and fail.

light-activated soft robot based on miniaturized Au nanorods in a liquid crystal network can propel itself across water

Researchers have created an ionogel made from a mixture of polymers and an ionic liquid that is very stretchable and extremely tough.

metal-free electrocatalysts based on organic molecules with napthalenediimide (NDI) functional groups offer a promising alternative to Pt catalysts

Antimicrobial coating cuts odor through repeat washes

Researchers have developed novel processes for producing water-resistant packaging material from apple waste.

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