Polymers and soft materials news, May 2022

Flexible patch gives wounds the signal to heal

flexible electrical patch based on a hydrogel impregnated with antibacterial silver nanowires speeds up wound healing

Researchers have developed a theoretical model to explain how block copolymers can form complex structures known as double-gyroids.

Researchers have developed a novel coating that can give paper some of the properties of plastic, including enhanced strength and water-resistance.

Splitting electron spins in magnetic material

A polysulfide-air redox flow battery with not one but two membranes overcomes the main problem with this type of large-scale battery.

3D-printed, deformable electrodes and separators based on nanocellulose are promising for stretchable Li-ion batteries

Researchers have developed a process for fabricating tiny fibers from face masks, which can help strengthen and protect cement concrete.

Using a thin film of piezoelectric material, researchers have created a paper-thin loudspeaker that can turn any surface into an active audio source.

By utilizing holes of different sizes, shapes and orientations, researchers can now produce porous materials with customizable properties.

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