Polymers and soft materials news, July 2022

Novel polymer offers fully recyclable future

Researchers have developed a polymer that can be tailored for different uses and recycled back into its component monomers efficiently and indefinitely.

Digital fabrication brings smart textiles that sense posture and motion

comfortable and form-fitting smart textiles from pressure sensors

Researchers have developed a method for the large-scale manufacture of highly efficient and semi-transparent solar cells.

New material makes artificial muscles that are stronger and more flexible than their biological counterparts

Researchers have developed a novel dielectric elastomer film that can make a powerful actuator for use in artificial muscles.

By adopting a new electrolyte, researchers have developed lithium-ion batteries that perform well at both freezing cold and scorching hot temperatures.

A new open-access paper examines some of the latest advances in wearable electronic devices being developed using electrospinning.

Using computer modeling, researchers hev shown that 2D polymer sheets can rise and rotate in spiral helices without the application of external power.

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