Polymers and soft materials news, September 2022

Soft metasurface can throw some shapes

Researchers have developed a programmable soft metasurface that can continuously change its shape.

Conductive thread enables robust wearable sensors

conductive cotton thread can be machine-embroidered onto textiles to create wearable sensors

Researchers have developed a sprayable ice-shedding material that is 100 times stronger than any others.

block copolymer self-assembly combined with 3D printing creates ceramics with nano- to microscale porosity

New curing technique speeds up direct ink writing

Researchers have come up with a method for turning 3D printable polymers into lightweight, ultra-tough, biocompatible hybrid carbon microlattices.

Researchers have created the first example of an engineering material that can simultaneously sense, think and act upon mechanical stress.

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lupin hull biowaste could offer a cheap, abundant, and environmentally friendly, feedstock for biomaterials and bioplastics


energy efficient process uses bacteria to produce bone-like porous CaCO3-based composites



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