Polymers and soft materials news, October 2022

A novel composite coating made of the 2D material MXene and vanadium in a polymer solution can absorb and disburse electromagnetic radiation.

Smart underwater sensor alerts when wearer is drowning

Water-repellent smart sensor alerts when wearer is drowning

Fast water desalination helped by new type of membrane

Using light and a catalyst, researchers have been able to produce a soft and stretchy version and a hard and rigid version of the same polymer.

Researchers have developed a way to engineer the surfaces of materials that makes them both hydrophilic and very slippery.

A breakthrough catalytic process can transform the most widely produced plastic into the second-most widely produced plastic.

Using stretchable semiconductor polymers, researchers have developed synaptic transistors that can act like neurons in the brain.

Researchers have created a new way to self-assemble materials, by using sticky DNA strands to fold up chains of oil droplets.

Researchers have developed a method of 3D printing that promises to create prints faster, using multiple types of polymer resin in a single object.

Researchers have developed a first-of-its-kind, plant-inspired extrusion process for growing synthetic material for soft robots.

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