Special issue on Progress in Polymer Hybrid Materials

We are pleased to bring to your attention the Special Issue on Progress in Polymer Hybrid Materials guest-edited by Michael Bockstaller and published in Progress in Polymer Science.

All papers from this issue of Progress in Polymer Science are freely available until 31 December 2015.

Progress in polymer hybrid materials
Michael R. Bockstaller

Block copolymer-nanoparticle hybrid self-assembly
Tobias N. Hoheisel, Kahyun Hur, Ulrich B. Wiesner

Block copolymer–nanoparticle composites: Structure, functional properties, and processing
Biswajit Sarkar, Paschalis Alexandridis

Electrical properties of polymer nanocomposites containing rod-like nanofillers
Rose M. Mutiso, Karen I. Winey

Colloidal polymers from inorganic nanoparticle monomers
Lawrence J. Hill, Nicola Pinna, Kookheon Char, Jeffrey Pyun

Ductility, toughness and strain recovery in self-healing dual cross-linked nanoparticle networks studied by computer simulations
Balaji V.S. Iyer, Victor V. Yashin, Matthew J. Hamer, Tomasz Kowalewski, Krzysztof Matyjaszewski, Anna C. Balazs

Magnetic zero-valent metal polymer nanoparticles: Current trends, scope, and perspectives
J. Prasad Rao, Peter Gruenberg, Kurt E. Geckeler