Quadrant Engineering Plastic Products (EPP), the global leader in machinable plastics, will be at Semicon Europe 2013 to demonstrate the key benefits of its unique material portfolio for Semiconductor processing applications. The company offers innovative alternatives to ceramic and quartz based materials, able to deliver increased production efficiency and performance.

Visitors to the Quadrant booth (Hall 1, booth 1536) will be able to see how breakthrough Semitron® MPR1000 is designed to fill the performance gap in traditional wet and dry semiconductor processing, particularly in the most severe vacuum chamber conditions.

Quadrant EPP Global Market Segment Manager, Scott Williams, comments: “Our exclusive formulation makes Semitron MPR1000 the ideal material for semiconductor production. It is less expensive than ceramics, is stronger than breakage-prone quartz, survives aggressive plasma chemistries, and is ultra clean in nature”.

“With Quadrant Semitron MPR1000 we are introducing a step-change in Semiconductor material technology. Design engineers are becoming aware that traditional materials such as ceramics or quartz are not their only options and that there is a more intelligent solution for their wet and dry processing requirements. The whole team at Quadrant believes Semitron MPR1000 is now the go-to material in the industry.” Williams notes. An additional benefit is the material's cleanliness in the form of low ionic metal content and low out-gassing.

Quadrant EPP's other featured family materials will include Semitron MP370 for the design and manufacture of precision test sockets, Semitron MDS100 with its combination of strength, stiffness and stability ideal for uncontrolled application environments or high precision, and Techtron® PPS with its proven success record in retaining rings and chip nest applications.

Quadrant puts performance boosting and cost reducing material solutions

About Quadrant EPP

Quadrant Engineering Plastic Products (Quadrant EPP) is the world’s leading manufacturer of semi-finished products. Quadrant EPP’s materials range from UHMW polyethylene, nylon and acetal to ultra-high performance polymers that resist temperatures to over 425°C. The company’s rods, sheets, tubes and custom shapes are used to machine parts for the food processing and packaging sectors, semiconductor manufacturing, aerospace, electronics, chemical processing, life sciences, energy and diverse industrial equipment. Quadrant EPP also manufactures finished products for these industries. Products and services are available through a worldwide network of branch offices, technical support centres and authorized dealers. Learn more about Quadrant EPP at www.quadrantplastics.com.

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