In order to ensure product quality and safety, many manufacturers are conducting increasing numbers of tests upon their materials.  This may be incoming material inspection or testing to guarantee materials specifications, or for service and warranty this may be defect analysis or counterfeit identification.  In all cases, portable and hand-held infrared spectrometers allow for better materials characterization using non-destructive tests.  Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) spectrometers provide vital information on material identity.  Hand-held and portable FTIR is particularly suited to plastic, polymer, elastomeric and composite materials and it gives information related to the molecular composition.  The technique is both quantitative and qualitative allowing it to be used for both screening and contamination purposes as well as identification.  

This webinar will focus on the applications of this new technology.  Attendees will learn about non-destructive testing of incoming materials for both identification and screening for restricted components.   Examples will be included as well of counterfeit analysis accomplished by a similar technique.  We will touch on other non-destructive uses of hand held FTIR as well, such as end product QC and damage assessment.  Attendees should leave with a strong understanding of this new technology and an appreciation of the many types of material analysis which are capable with mobile infrared spectrometers. 

Why should I attend the webinar?

• Discover the latest techniques for material verification and authenticity
• Find out how screening can be used to cut testing cost and insure product quality
• Learn about recent advances in hand-held and mobile instrumentation
• See how mobile spectroscopy can be used to improve manufacturing and service processes