The modern-day wonder material

Graphene, the 2-dimensional form of carbon, has been heralded as a revolutionary wonder material for engineering since its discovery in 2004 – even earning a Nobel Prize in 2010. At a single atom thick, graphene is not just the lightest material known, it is also hundreds of times stronger than steel and an amazing conductor of electricity and heat.

In the past few years, more and more products have come to market using graphene-enhanced polymer and rubber composites to reach new levels of strength, wear resistance and conductivity. From hockey sticks and bicycle tires to tough-as-nails safety boots, graphene is already making an impact across a range of applications, becoming synonymous with strength and durability. Now Swedish-based materials technology company Graphmatech are exploring new opportunities to bring the unique properties of graphene to metals, on their mission to transform industrial production materials and achieve a brighter, more sustainable future.

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