Now is the time for you to reserve your seat at this year's premier Powder Coating innovation event. The PC Summit, which is scheduled to take place June 18-19 in Columbus, Ohio, brings together some of the greatest minds in our industry's technical and commercial communities. 

The two-day event is co-produced by The Powder Coating Research Group, The Powder Coating Institute and Powder Coated Tough magazine.

Central to the event's theme of "Bringing New Technology to Market" is a full-day symposium that features presentations on the emerging technologies that are changing our industry. The program boasts raw material technologists, pretreatment experts as well as renowned formulators.

In addition to the symposium, a full-day tutorial illuminating powder coating technology will be available to all attendees. This includes a live demonstration of the powder coating manufacturing process, from raw material selection through extrusion, pulverizing, and the ultimate application and curing.

The offerings don't end there. Instrumentation experts will be on hand to guide the participants on how to measure critical coating properties, such as film thickness, gloss, adhesion, surface profile and film performance.

The 2013 PC Summit provides the prominent experts in the powder coating industry at your disposal for two full days of intensive interaction.

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