Allied Finishing Solutions has completed arrangements to act as a full-service distributor of Reliant Finishing Systems’ products, according to Virtual Strategy Magazine. Based in Decatur, Ala., Allied Finishing Solutions provides clients from across North America with one-stop shopping for powder curing ovens, powder spray booths, media blasting enclosures, and related finishing equipment.

“We’re excited about our relationship with Reliant Finishing Systems," said Luke Stanton, a former Reliant systems specialist, who serves Allied Finishing Solutions as manager of customer service. "Reliant has some of the most fuel efficient powder curing ovens in the industry. They have an innovative airflow design that assures consistent air temperatures throughout their ovens. Reliant’s spray enclosures are designed specifically for powder spraying and aren’t just wet paint booths that have been modified. These products will truly give Allied an edge for years to come.”

To contact Allied Finishing Solutions, please call 256-476-1656.