Arcam manufactures AM parts for aerospace.
Arcam manufactures AM parts for aerospace.

During the year the company delivered 25 EBM systems, compared to 15 in 2012.

The company formed a strategic alliance with DiSanto Technology, and agreed to acquire metal powder manufacturer AP&C.

“2013 was very eventful and the highlights were the strategic co-operation with DiSanto Technology, and the agreement to acquire the powder manufacturer AP&C,” said Magnus René, CEO. 

“Through these strategic initiatives, we can maintain a fast pace of business development and thereby both increase our business with existing customers and reach new ones. 

“After a strong fourth quarter, we closed the year with a turnover of almost SEK200 million and a net profit of more than SEK15 million. Sales increased by more than 40% while earnings were essentially unchanged. The unchanged earnings is due to the result being burdened by R&D expenses, costs in conjunction with introduction of new systems and non-recurring costs associated with the strategic initiatives with DiSanto and AP&C.

“A strong order book and a positive business situation give us a solid foundation for a continued growth in 2014.”