Hyundai-Kia sales grew 14%, its lowest percentage gain in 13 months. Ford increased 9%, just below the industry’s 10% growth.

Toyota and American Honda again were the only major players with sales declines, thanks to inventory shortages stemming from the March earthquake in Japan. While Toyota’s 18% drop was greater than its 13% loss in August, Honda was down only 8%, the first monthly decline of less than 20% since May. Through nine months, Toyota is hanging onto its rank as No. 3 in US sales, ahead of Chrysler. Honda has dropped a notch from the end of last year, to fifth.

With its US dealers still not completely restocked from the production disruptions after the March earthquake in Japan, Subaru sales fell 2% to 20,934 units. It remains 1% higher through the first nine months. Mazda up 37%, Suzuki up 24% and Mitsubishi 17% higher.

Volkswage Group of America jumped 31% for the month, led by a 36% increase for the VW brand.