The participation of the West Michigan Chapter of the Chemical Coaters Association International at SUR/FIN 2010 signals an expansion of the show’s traditional electroplating programming into the area of powder coating and, of course, pretreatment. A snapshot of the program:

Ken Pelak of Broadmoor Products, Inc. will discuss pretreatment from several levels, including:

  • Heated vs. non-heated stages of pretreatment
  • The importance of rinses
  • Types of chemicals available for pretreatment
  • Line speed of a material handling system and the effect line speed has on the size of wash system, pumps, risers, and nozzles
  • Expectations from chemicals such as specs for salt spray resistance
  • Benefits of additional stages for pre-treatment lines including D.I. water final rinses

Additionally, Rodger Talbert of the Powder Coating Institute will discuss the fundamentals of powder coating, including:

  • Types of powders available and benefits of each
  • Batch vs. conveyorized systems
  • System layout
  • Application equipment including hand spray guns and automated application equipment
  • Powder reclaim systems
  • Importance for system grounding and proper design of hangers and fixtures
  • Requirements for parts cleaning, drying, and cure

Additionally, industry expert Gary Weaver will take attendees through the E-Coatings process, which will include:

  • System layout
  • Types of paint available
  • Process steps required from the start of each part loaded onto the system until unloading
  • Benefits of E-Coating vs. other paint application methods
  • E-Coat used in conjunction with other paints

Lastly, Rich Saddler of Herman Miller will cover applied costs to paint a typical substrate. Among the topics to be covered in his presentation:

  • Square footage costing samples for different types of organic finish applications
  • Costs for pretreatment, material handling, paint/powder material and application
  • Costs for equipment and drying/curing

Other costs will be looked at to teach the future painter how to ensure inclusion of all costs in an estimate when pursuing a painting contract. 

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