DuPont has announced selling prices across all liquid and powder coatings products will be increased by up to 15 percent by April 18. The company cites an increasing imbalance of supply and demand with critical suppliers, driving broad cost increases in raw material costs, operating expenses and growing inflationary pressures. Throughout the last several months, costs have shown significant increases and are anticipated to continue to rise throughout the year, impacting the DuPont liquid and powder coatings products. These increases have necessitated an adjustment of liquid and powder coatings’ selling prices for DuPont Industrial CoatingSolutions, North America.

In spite of the increases, DuPont Industrial CoatingSolutions said it will continue to aggressively pursue ways to mitigate the impact of these costs on its customers, and will continue to deliver top performing products, service and value to its customers.

DuPont is not alone. PPG Industries also recently increased prices for its industrial coatings products for the North American market to the tune of 5-10%. Like DuPont, PPG continues to implement cost-control measures throughout its operations to mitigate—but not entirely offset—hikes in raw materials costs.