Metal Finishing magazine and its parent company, Elsevier, Inc., are proud to announce the official launch of the “Metal Finishing Network.” No, it’s not some new reality cable TV channel focused on plating and coating (although, that would be really cool). Rather, it is a global, multi-faceted outreach program that aims to connect manufacturers and suppliers with thousands of researchers and industry professionals involved in the science, application, and specification of surface finishes, processes, and procedures.

Essentially, the Metal Finishing Network leverages the size, scope, and scale of Elsevier’s broad base of readers and subscribers. The program is comprised of: multi-media marketing and advertising opportunities; a broad portfolio of lead-generation products and services; and targeted online programs capable of generating hundreds of thousands of monthly impressions. At the core of the Metal Finishing Network is, Elsevier’s content delivery system platform for more than 2,500 journals and books. The mammoth site is accessed monthly by 16 million researchers and professionals representing corporate, government, academic, and health care institutions.

Within the Metal Finishing Network, advertisers can choose from a wide range of magazines, journals, branded websites, conferences, etc., to reach their target demographics. Among the many Elsevier peer-reviewed journals of relevance to surface finishing: Aerospace Science & Technology, Applied Surface Science, Computers & Electrical Engineering, Corrosion Science, Dyes & Pigments, Focus on Powder Coatings Inorgranic Chemistry Communications, Progress in Organic Coatings, Synthetic Metals, Surface Coatings Technology, Surface Science, and Thin Solid Films, just to name a handful. These titles are among a portfolio of 20 journals, magazines, and websites reaching more than 250,000 users worldwide.

Perhaps the most appealing aspect of the Metal Finishing Network is the lead-generation component. Via proven mechanisms such as audio/visual podcasts, white paper downloads, virtual conferences, and customized e-mail blasts, advertisers have a host of programs from which to choose. Add to that the traditional stable of Metal Finishing products and programs (e-newsletters, microsites, foreign-language editions, guidebooks, and online directories), and you have a very compelling outreach package.

“Our objective in developing the Metal Finishing Network is to provide our customers with an opportunity to significantly extend their reach beyond surface finishers,” said Greg Valero, publisher, Metal Finishing magazine. “By leveraging the corporate capabilities of our parent company, Reed Elsevier, we can deliver suppliers’ messages directly to other targeted audiences, such as design engineers at the OEM level.”

Feel free to stop by our booth at SUR/FIN to learn more about the program, or you may contact your regional sales manager for details.