EOS’ 290 additive manufacturing machine.
EOS’ 290 additive manufacturing machine.

The companies plan to use an optical tomography (OT) tool developed by MTU, for EOS’s range of products. The camera-based technology uses sensors to monitor general system status and control the exposure process and melting characteristics of the material at all times, to improve coating and exposure quality.

Quality assurance is especially important in the field of serial production, because it is vital both for ensuring repeatable high component quality and for reducing the quality control costs of components made using the technology. 

Quality assurance

"MTU and EOS have been working intensively for several years, and this collaboration is now about to develop into an even closer, partner-based technological cooperation, centered on their quality assurance tool,” said Dr Adrian Keppler, head of sales and marketing (CMO) at EOS. “A very large proportion of the quality control process that previously took place downstream can now be performed during the manufacturing process, with a considerable saving in quality assurance costs."

 MTU has already been using the tool on EOS systems over the last few years. "In this way, EOS and MTU are jointly furthering the qualified use of additive manufacturing in aerospace engineering while also reducing costs,” said Thomas Dautl, head of production technologies at MTU.