GKN Automotive says that it is accelerating its development of powertrain technologies in response to increasing global demand for electrified vehicles (EVs).

The company’s current eDrive systems feature an electric motor, power inverter and eAxle reduction gearbox within a single casing.

Plans are for future eDrives to use 800V technology and offer faster charging times and improved performance. GKN says that the systems could also lead to an increased EV driving range, or car makers opting to use smaller batteries, reducing vehicle cost, complexity, and weight.

‘Global demand for EVs is accelerating fast and now is the perfect time for GKN Automotive to underpin its leadership in eDrive systems through next-generation technologies,’ said Liam Butterworth, CEO of GKN Automotive.

Currently GKN is working in Formula E as a partner to Jaguar Racing, testing to improve efficiency, performance and extending the range of batteries in electric motorsport.

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